A novel by P.G. Lundy

Category: Fiction,Adult Humor





High times turn in to an ultimate low when two stoners quest for marijuana drives them to take desperate measures by infiltrating the L.A.P.D. with the intention of making personal use of confiscated cannabis. But instead of being selected for the duties of incinerating old discarded evidence, the new recruits are assigned the task of working with the Canine Special Operations Division where they begin a tug-a-war with REDBUD-a Great Dane committed to taking a bite out of crime. Things don't work out as planned, when Josť and Paco try to undermine the police departments operations.

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While using the surveillance equipment against the cops, the misfits discover they aren't the only one's disloyal to the badge. With Redbud compromising the dirty cop's scheme, the trio's lives become endanger. Suddenly the hare-brained stoners are faced with the conscience decision to; cowardly make a run for the border, be heroes by rescuing a female coworker or being envied by all stoners by going for the treasure of Acapulco Gold.

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